Officials Meeting

An Officials Meeting will be conducted at 8:15 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Coaches Meeting

A Coaches Meeting will be conducted by the head official at 8:00 am on both Saturday and Sunday to clarify rules and to allow teams to submit any changes.


1. Each team will be allowed a maximum of five (5) changes on Saturday and five (5) changes on Sunday. All changes must be submitted at the 8am Change Meeting. No changes will be allowed after the 8am meeting unless medically necessary. (At the discretion of the Meet Director.)

    a. Each team will be allowed a maximum of five (5) changes on Saturday. Events will not be reseeded due to changes. Scratches do not have to be reported at the change meeting. 

    b. Each team will be allowed a maximum of five (5) changes on Sunday. Relay line-ups must be finalized at the Sunday 8am Change Meeting.

Individual Events

During Preliminaries, the individual events will be circle seeded, the fastest time in lane four of the third heat, the second fastest time in lane four of the second heat, the third fastest time in land four of the first heat , and the fourth fastest time in lane five of the third heat.

Relay Events

Relays will be seeded by times. The “C” exhibition relays will be in the first, the “B” relays will be in the second heat, and the “A” relays will be in the third heat. Tentative names should be given for relays when turning in entries at the seed meeting. These names can be changed by presenting the changes to the Clerk of Course prior to the start of the race.


Touch pads will be used to determine the finishes. Three timers will be used for each lane, with back-up timers available. Place judging will be done by the officials. The final order of finishes will be determined using the USA Swimming Rule. Hy-Tek software will be used for the meet.


There will be a timers meeting 30 minutes prior to each session. The head timer will assign lanes and the head official will review general rules of timing.

Clerk of Course

Swimmers are required to report to the Clerk of Course prior to their race. Please remind all swimmers to listen for their events and to report promptly. On Sunday, swimmers (places 17 th and 18 th in Preliminaries) should report in case of a scratch in their event.


Unofficial results will be posted as soon as they are available. Results of preliminaries will be available to coaches as soon as possible after the conclusion of the meet on Saturday. All protests must be submitted to the head official no later that 7:00am on Sunday morning. As soon as final results are completed, each team will have 30 minutes to review the results. One coach and one team representative will be invited to a meeting to discuss the results. Any disputes will be resolved by a vote of team presidents. 

Rain Date Policy

Rain and cold weather will not stop the meet. Should catastrophic weather prevent swimming on Saturday, Sunday’s events will be timed finals. If finals are cancelled, times from the preliminaries will be used to determine the final order of finishes.


All awards will be presented after Sunday’s finals with the exception of heat winner awards.

Heat Winner

Each heat winner on Saturday and Sunday will receive an award from the host team.

Individual Events

1 ST -3 RD places receive medals. 4 th -16 th receive ribbons.


1 st -6 th places receive medals. 7 th -16 th receive ribbons.

Team & Conference Awards

The Awards Ceremony will take place as soon as possible following the conclusion of the meet on Sunday. The Dual Meet Champion trophy will be presented during the Awards Ceremony. Trophies will be presented to the top three placing teams at the Conference Meet. Age Group trophies will be presented to the first place team in each age/gender group at the Conference Meet.

Sportsmanship Award

The annual Sportsmanship Award will be presented to the team best exemplifying good sportsmanship throughout the dual meet season. It will be awarded during the Awards Ceremony.

Meet Director

Any inquiries or perceived problems with the Tri-County Swim Meet should be routed through the Baraboo Riptide Meet Directors: Michele Henry and Jason Laux. Riptide volunteers are wearing bright blue “Rock the Block” STAFF t-shirts. Anyone of these volunteers can help you find the Meet Director.

First Aid and Emergencies

First Aid is located in the indoor pool office.  Registered nurses will be available throughout the meet.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found will be located at the admission tent near the pool entrance. Any lost and found items after Sunday will be located at the Indoor Pool Office.

Heat Sheets and Admission

There will be a $2.00 charge each day for each adult entering the facility. Programs and heat sheets will be available each day for $5.00 at the Admissions Table. On Sunday, Finals heat sheets can be purchased for $3.00 if you show your Saturday program. Sunday heat sheets without Conference program will be available for $5.00 each.

Live Streaming of Events

Live streaming of events will be available so parents, friends, and relatives can watch from their mobile phone, computer, or tablet! Web addresses will be posted at the Admissions Table and on the website when available. 


Highlighters will be for sale at the Admissions Table for $1.00.

Odds & Ends
  • Only Meet Officials, Coaches, and Swimmers are allowed inside the roped off areas around the pool deck. Parents and spectators MUST stay outside the roped area. One warning will be given. Further violations of this policy will result in expulsion from the meet and, if a participant, forfeiture of all races due to unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Swimmers need to report to the Clerk of Course as their events are announced. Each event will receive three calls. If timer permits, we will attempt to call individuals by name if they fail to report. We will not delay the meet however. If an individual is not ready by the time the Clerk takes the remaining participants out of the staging area, that individual will be considered a scratch. Please note, only swimmers being staged for upcoming events are allowed in the Clerk of Course area.
  • Absolutely no alcohol allowed.

Please adhere to these rules will to ensure a smoothly run meet that is fun for all participants. We kindly request you review these rules with you children. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Michele Henry and Jason Laux
Meet Directors

Morning Warm Up Schedule

Time Lanes 1-4 Lanes 5-8

7:20-7:40am Baraboo & Wisconsin Dells

7:40-8:00am Mazomanie & Sauk Prairie

8:00-8:20am Spring Green & Cross Plains

8:20-8:40am Sun Prairie & Mt. Horeb

Break Warm Up Schedule

Session Lanes 1-2 Lanes 3-4 Lanes 5-6 Lanes 7-8

1  WI Dells  / Sun Prairie  / Mt. Horeb  / Baraboo

2  Spring Green / Sauk Prairie / Cross Plains / Mazomanie

Each Warm Up session will last 20 minutes. The meet will break between the IM and the Breaststroke each day.

Seed Meeting

All swimmers entered in the Championship Meet must have participated in three dual meets. Teams are allowed to enter three (3) individuals and two (2) relays in respective events. Teams are also allowed to submit an additional (“C”) relay that will be Exhibition. Each swimmer is eligible to swim no more than four events, of which no more than three are individual events. All times must be from a Tri-County Conference Meet held this summer. They must be reported as 25 meter times using the following conversions.
  • Baraboo – Multiply by 1.11
  • Wisconsin Dells – Multiply by 1.32
  • Mt. Horeb – Multiply by 0.72

Swim Offs

If necessary, swim offs will be held 15 minutes after the final race on Saturday.


Only one (1) relay per team may score in any given event. If two (2) relays from the same team place in the top six (6), their team will receive team points for the highest place finish only. The points for the lower finish will not be awarded at all. Both team relays will receive the accompanying awards/ribbons for their respective finish.